The following message God gave me in 2003 it has never been edited except to correct spelling. I hope you learn from it as I did.

I give you


Recently I came upon a scripture I think shows its importance to show just why the scriptures were written from the very pen of Luke; It reads as follows

Chapter 1 Luke 1:1 4

Forasmuch1895 as many4183 have taken in hand2021 to set forth in order392 a declaration1335 of4012 those things4229 which are most surely believed4135 among1722 us,2254

Even as2531 they delivered3860 them unto us,2254 which from the beginning were1096, 575, 746 eyewitnesses,845 and2532 ministers5257 of the3588 word;3056

It seemed good1380 to me also,2504 having had perfect199 understanding3877 of all things3956 from the very first,509 to write1125 unto thee4671 in order,2517 most excellent2903 Theophilus,2321

That2443 thou mightest know1921 the3588 certainty803 of those things,3056 wherein4012, 3739 thou hast been instructed.2727

2nd Timothy 2.15 reads as follows

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Would you believe that 2nd Timothy 2:15 is a representatives of the Church. At least that is what Matthew Henry writes. Listen to what he pens;

“The church of Christ is like a dwelling: some furniture is of great value; some of smaller value, and put to meaner uses. Some professors of religion are like vessels of wood and earth. When the vessels of dishonor are cast out to be destroyed, the others will be filled with all the fullness of God. We must see to it that we are holy vessels. Every one in the church whom God approves, will be devoted to his Master's service, and thus fitted for his use.”

Perhaps you tried to outsmart a friend, a ministry, husband or wife? God knows the truth. Moreover, the world sees it whether you realize it or not.

See the scripture reads as follows “Study to shew thyself approved unto God.” It does not say or imply to show someone else approved. God has a job for you and only you to do.

When you where in school the teacher gave you homework. It was your and only yours to do. The rest of the class had the same work perhaps but you had to do your own. IF were caught doing someone else’s work it was called cheating. And thankfully you cannot cheat your way into our out of heaven.

Did you know that a writer and photographers know their work? Its true! Each writer and each photographer has his or her own style. And if you try to copy it and claim it as your own it’s called dishonest. Your not doing your own work..

God wants his people to have their own ID’s even their own styles. God wants you as His people even to obey His word and work accordingly. It is not a matter of being a copycat! It is the case of being an original with God. God wants you to be a real masterpiece. His masterpiece.


Study Gods because you truly want to. Reading God’s word and obey it because you love Him enough that it matters. No pressures. Just like a person on oxygen has to stay plugged in. Make obeying Him and Reading His word a matter of life and death.


Obeying God is not a thing that be forced upon you. Obedience is something you have to desire to what to do. Be an original! Be Gods original piece of obedient. However, God would like to know and see you do so here and now. Why you ask. God wants to know if you will be obedient now because when you are in heaven obedience will be necessary; especially when God asks you to judge angels. Or when He asks to judge angel such-n-such will you say “ Oh Lord I can’t judge that lest I be judged too just like your Word says” I tell you what that will or would not go over well whatsoever in heaven. For you see even the scriptures tell us that we will be judging angles in heaven.

1Corinthians 6:2 -3

Do ye not3756 know1492 that3754 the3588 saints40 shall judge2919 the3588 world?2889 and2532 if1487 the3588 world2889 shall be judged2919 by1722 you,5213 are2075 ye unworthy370 to judge the smallest matters?2922, 1646

Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 we shall judge2919 angels?32 how much more3386 things that pertain to this life?982


So learning to be obedient in this life will be important in the next things here and now is important.

Listen to what God says about Obedience; I call it

Conduct of a Doer

1Peter 2:11 18

 Dearly beloved,27 I beseech3870 you as5613 strangers3941 and2532 pilgrims,3927 abstain567 from fleshly4559 lusts,1939 which3748 war4754 against2596 the3588 soul;5590

Having2192 your5216 conversation391 honest2570 among1722 the3588 Gentiles:1484 that,2443 whereas1722, 3739 they speak against2635 you5216 as5613 evildoers,2555 they may by1537 your good2570 works,2041 which they shall behold,2029 glorify1392 God2316 in1722 the day2250 of visitation.1984

Submit yourselves5293 to(3767) every3956 ordinance2937 of man442 for the Lord's sake:1223, 3588, 2962 whether1535 it be to the king,935 as5613 supreme;5242

Or1535 unto governors,2232 as5613 unto them that are sent3992 by1223 him846 for1519 the punishment1557 of(3303) evildoers,2555 and1161 for the praise1868 of them that do well.17

For3754 so3779 is2076 the3588 will2307 of God,2316 that with well doing15 ye may put to silence5392 the3588 ignorance56 of foolish878 men:444

As5613 free,1658 and2532 not3361 using2192 your liberty1657 for5613 a cloak1942 of maliciousness,2549 but235 as5613 the servants1401 of God.2316

Honor5091 all3956 men. Love25 the3588 brotherhood.81 Fear5399 God.2316 Honor5091 the3588 king.935

Servants,3610 be subject to5293 your masters1203 with1722 all3956 fear;5401 not3756 only3440 to the3588 good18 and2532 gentle,1933 but235 also2532 to the3588 froward.464

God does not want a make believe Christian. It does not work. God can tell forgeries from the real thing. Just like a photographers and writers can tell their own works. God wants the same thing as Coke has: God wants the real thing. God wants you, yes you to be the real thing. God wants you to study His Word without poking or prodding. God wants you to be obedient to His Word. Not with a rod or cane but because you want to.

But1161 be1096 ye performers163 of the word,3056 and2532 not3361 hearers202 only,3440 deceiving3884 your own selves.1438

For3754 if any1536 be2076 a hearer202 of the word,3056 and2532 not3756 a performer,4163 he3778 is like unto1503 a man435 beholding2657 his846 natural1078 face4383 in1722 a glass:2072

For1063 he beholdeth2657 himself,1438 and2532 goeth his way,565 and2532 straightway2112 forgetteth1950 what manner of man3697 he was.2258AM


So let me ask you a few questions; And only you can answer these. Your answers must be between you and The Masterpiece Maker.

             Have you been just a hearer of the Word and not a performer?

  1. Have you realized your own worth? Not trying to rip people off. Or pulling the wool over their eyes. But using the talents God gave you and you alone. Not using others for selfish gain.
  2. Have you been as obedient to God’s Word as you ought? Some reading or hearing this may be in a place of mentorship or authority? Are you being the example God would want you to be?

 I know it is hard to be your own person. I know it is hard to tell God you screwed up! That you perhaps disobeyed Him or have stolen the credit from someone else.

Ye all me Master and obey me not

Ye call me Light and see me not;

Ye call me Way and walk not;

Ye call me Life and desire me not;

Ye call me Wise and follow me not;

Ye call me fair and love me not

Ye call me Rich and ask me not;

Ye call me Eternal and seek me not;

Ye call me Gracious and trust me not;

Ye call me Noble and sever me not;

Ye call me Mighty and honor me not;

Ye call me Just and fear me not;

If I condemn you BLAME ME not


Yes friend God will take you right where you are at. It does not matter what you have done wrong. I know that some hearing or reading this might be saying “he’s not talking to me.” Your right. God is talking to you and He is trying to break down those tall walls you have built up so He can make you the Masterpiece He desires to make out of you. All you need to do is this…

Let Go and Let God make you into what He wants and intends you to be.

A vessel of honor.


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