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                        Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc

 This ministry is embarking on a new and much needed mission. Assisting those Christians who has gotten burned out of their homes  and or are in need of temporary housing. 

                                                             But How
              #1. Buy 100+ acre of land with some needed buildings
             #2. Build actual 4 bedroom rustic ranch homes
            #3.  Build a 300 seat chapel with a learning center with
             the same  style as mentioned above in number two .

  #1. Some Christian either lose their house to fire or are buying for the first time need housing
   #2. On the road Christian musicians either sleep in their tour bus of spend money on cheap hotels or motels. Some passing Pastor could rest his head thus he too could be spared various expenses
 #3. The chapel will be used for such things as a Christian coffee house. The ministry could hold Sunday evening services

                                      Will you  help us so we can help them?
                        Send checks and or money orders to the following.

                              Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.
                                          Reverend  David P. Liebler
                                             3513 Clairmont Street
                                             Flint, MI 48503-6602 USA

 ** This ministry is not tax deductible. Still tiled as a "profit ministry"  per the IRS. Thus all gift are classified as "love gift"

3513 Clairmont Street
Flint, Michigan 48503
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