Here you are seeking a little information about.... well... you know...yours truly. Just what would you like to know? Lets start out with some easy stuff. I hope that is okay with you. First off my name in the real world is David Liebler. I was born in late July of the year 1953. But the name mentioned is not my real name, its the name my adoptive parents gave me, including a middle name. I was really born David Rushlow. In 1955 the court agreed with my adoptive parents to change my name and seal up my adoption records. So in reality I know very little about my real family let alone where our family is from. I also found out that I have some family in the area of Rose City Michigan, however I have not yet made it up there to pay them a visit, it may be for the best who knows. Well I was raised in Port Huron Michigan right on 10th Avenue about half a block from the elementary school. That made it kind of sweet because about the time school let out the Mickey Mouse Show was on or even Rin Tin Tin or even Howdy Doody, who happened to be my favorite I think. One of the things I was good at was playing the BFlat Clarinet for the schools I did attend. I would compete in contests and won several ribbons and medals. However those days are long past as I can not even read a single note. This is one thing I wish I had not given up there could have been something out there for me. Oh did I mention that my favorite Clarinet player was the late Benny Goodman? What also made it nice was my dad. See he was a police officer for the Port Huron Police Department. I remember days when he would bring home the three wheeled motorcycle on lunch break or something like that. He had a friend him and me both liked I knew him only as Mister Bill. One thing dad and me really had in common was fishing for Walleye off Saint Clair River. Or even Perch off of Lake Huron near buoy number three. Its a shame I don't live in that town now because in my book fishing inland just is not the same. You know watching those big lake freighters going up and down the river. Those days are gone for me as I really don't care for fishing right now. Maybe if I lived where I knew the fish ran it would be different. When I was around twelve things changed big time. Not just for myself but the family. Things got so bad they sent me away never to live at home ever again. Kind of like the black sheep of the family. They still treat me as that which is rather sad. So in reality, I guess you would have to say I have no family. Real bummer is it not? In the Spring of eighty-two things went from bad to worse until I was shown there was a better way with the Lord Jesus on my side, From that point onward my life is really different. Today I preach in nursing homes and in prisons pus I have my own ministry where I get to share the Word of the Lord to those online. Next allow me to share with you my online bio: The Beginning Last 1988 Is when this person first got his hands on a keyboard. The computers back then were what you would call older than dirt. We used floppy disks just to boot up. And then you more than likely had to load the software disk at a time as well. those days you worked at the computer. Then too it was the days when you used DOS for everything, including the internet. If you ever seen the movie "War Games" or "Weird Science" then you would know what I am talking about. But we all felt we were on top of the world. And for the most part we were just that due to the fact home computers were really not yet a big thing. At this time all my experience came from one hour sessions at local libraries. I learned both how to use Macintosh and the IBM compatibles. I was slowly getting addicted and knew it when I went to the library and it was closed and got mad about it..... it was Sunday. Realizing this I knew I had to take measures to have something at home. About this point in time Web TV came along and it provided an inexpensive way to be on line and continue the addiction. After getting a unit, which back then only ran a person about two hundred dollars , plus the costs of a fifty dollar keyboard. Once on line, in the privacy of my own place I found I could not get enough of being on line. Some days, when not working I would be on line for close to twenty-four hours. It was about this time I noticed people and places had what you know as websites. I was amazed and wanted to have one as well. Thus I did a little searching and placed my first site up at Talkcity. Using their templates was a good thing but I knew there had to be something better cause my site looked like garbage while others were winning awards. This was the time I met a fellow by the name of ZZDoc. He lives someplace west of the big river and we seemed to hit it off pretty well. That's when he learned I wanted to create better websites. What his first step was, and I remember it well, is he took a page and showed me its backside. In other words he showed me the HTML coding, which makes up the pages. HTML coding is a series of commands that tells the program what to do and how to do it and what it should look like. IF your interested in learning such you can pick up a copy of "HTML4 for Dummies." and you will be partly on your way. As time went on ZZdoc taught me almost everything. He drilled me through the basics but not pushing to hard to drive me away. Soon I was creating a web page here and a web page there. Finally my days at Talkcity drew to a close when ZZdoc directed me towww.tripod. com where a whole new avenue opened up. NEW FRIEND As I was creating web page's, using what I could off my Web TV unit I met another well learned fellow by the name of Dragonstar125. Between ZZdoc and Dragonstar125 I was learning so fast I thought I was going to bust. Not only were we learning but our friendship grew to where we would compete in Fantasy Baseball. While ZZdoc always beat me at that I still think he knew something more than what met the eye. Sometimes I would think that Babe Ruth was talking to him from the grave. We all have had fun over the last years. The three of us have really grown and we are still friends. ZZdoc is helping with a mirror site right now for me. Dragonstar125 still feeds me good internet information and share updates to certain programs. And I do the same back with them. Our friendship means a great deal and so with the learning experiences. I made a really good friend this year too. the name you might know if you played Keno over in Pogo. Trin I think is starting to learn a bit about the computers and often will help proof these pages. I enjoy our times on line and I love to watch as a friend grows into this realm that was created so long ago. NICKNAMES Every once in a while some one asks how I got my nicknames. So I thought I would give a little notice here about that. Both my nicknames DLCool and Littlethunder were not given to me by any one on the internet. Instead they were given to me by local friends. Once from a fellow Christian who watched me do a clothing changeover and thought it was cool. the other was given to me by an Indian chief one year prior to my ever touching or seeing a computer. Littlethunder was never used on the internet until late July of 2002. Thank you Its been close to twenty years on the internet for myself. I really never did do a page like this before. But since I am your Webmaster here I thought you'd like to hear a little about the history of this writer. A very special thank you to ZZdoc and Dragonstar125 for all your years of friendship and learning experience. And to Trin I thank you for helping me create these sites doing the proof reading from time to time. Thank you all and may our friendships remain strong for years to come. September 2007 Update Over the last two years being on the Internet has been quite a challenge. Reason being in 2005 I was declared legally blind. I had to take an early retirement from Meijer and live by faith that God would provide to all my needs. While God has indeed seen to my needs I have been forced off line to cut expenses. Due to a series of surgeries this year(2007) that God provided, I can see again. However, whether or not I am able to return to work is very questionable. At present I refurbish my websites at home and off-line to the best of my ability. Once refurbished I then transport my external hard drive to a friends house and finish the work. I still enjoy being on the Internet, creating and updating my websites and meeting friends online. I guess you could say that the Internet is in my blood. There is not a morning that goes by that I wish I were on line, playing a game or doing research. I only can pray that God will bless me with enough funds so I can return to my favorite hobby.... surfing the World Wide Web! 2011-2012 UPDATE During the years of 2011 and 2012 it was mostly getting use to all the social networks I could rest my eyes upon. You know places like MySpace, Facebook and so on. During this time I was getting use to re-creating all the websites I had while with I was glad I knew the html coding ZZdoc taught me prior to this point. I tried several internet locations that offered free website hosting with some concern. It was about October of 2011 when I came across finding out that they had about everything I needed with little to no hassle whatsoever. Page by page each page needed to be re-created to some greater or lesser degree. During the process I found I needed to leave many pages far behind as they were not obtaining hits from people on the world wide web. As of this writing many parts of the original site are still in tack for Thunderdome Ministries this dear reader is what is known as a mirror site. When 2012 came around I had to make some hard core choices for Thunderdome Ministries. One of which just so happened to be the domain name. I was really unsure if I liked the name and if it could be shortened to a greater or lesser degree. As well what do I tag it as? Should it be a true dot com or could I use another ending like dot us or dot net. The end result was to run with the dot net that you may already know about. By doing this I knew I would have to work hard to get the site in good rakings so I pushed the site through a traffic exchange under the name Traffic G, As time marched on disaster struck and I had to have emergency eye surgery for a detached retina. This would now be listed as surgery number seven since 2009. I had only a sliver of light coming through my right eye and all I could do was believe that God would see me through even if it could not be fixed. The month of June came around and a friend on Facebook and I talked about Thunderdome Ministries getting its own little mascot. She had the skills to do this type of artwork so I allowed her to tackle the task. Her name was GamTrak Robin Kendrick out of Denver Colorado. So once again I was obtaining assistance with website via the world wide web. On the left please meet Littlethunder, Thunderdome Ministries little mascot. My many thanks reach out to my new found friend. Also a hearty thank you goes out to one Lawrence Sefa who lives in Fenton Michigan. He was solely responsible for getting the ministry registered with the IRS & the state of Michigan as an Inc ministry. Legally the ministry name would read as Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc . Lawrence and myself attend the same church in Fenton under the title of Faith City. So if you are ever in or around Fenton Michigan on some Wednesday night or Sunday morning drop by the church and say hello. Where does Thunderdome Ministry go from here you ask. Forward with the best one can do. It is the hope, as Founder & President of the ministry that others will climb on board to assist the ministry with more than their prayers. Whatever the outcome all my thanks goes out to those who have assisted in one fashion or another. Thus, a new chapter will be born If you are reading this I can only hope and pray we will meet someday. Thank you for stopping by and reading this little bio. You can email me with your comments or would like to know how you can help email me @ littlethunder727